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Html is the driving force behind the internet. Even-though it is not officially considered a programming language. HTML5 is the latest version and not every browser supports it at the moment.It does how ever offer exciting new features like the canvas tag which can be used to replace flash.

Adobe Suite:

The latest version is known as CS5. Adobe has power tools for web development. PhotoShop and Flash are responsible for majority of the world wide web's appealing looks. You will find these tools in every established graphic artist arsenal and is becoming a requirement for web developer. Dreamweaver is Adobe's answer to website creation. As it stands, in modern time is a very poor choice since it lacks CMS.


Is at its very core, a server. It supports open source tools such as PHP and MySQL.


This is a programming syntax. It makes your websites dynamic (able to do stuff). It can be use to make simple video games. It is commonly use for mouser over effects like adding a sound effect to a menu or form validation which helps reduce spam on your website.


Some may argue it is the most powerful open source Content Management System. This CMS is completely free to the developer decreasing overhead costs. It's major rival is WordPress. WordPress blogs are easier to use. Novice developer tend to choose this route. The reason to pick Joomla! over WordPress is, Joomla is more functional and dynamic. Joomla has a huge library of components that for the most part are free. These components are programs that make it possible for your website do stuff like make your e-commerce shopping cart without it being need for the developer to hand code it. This save the developer huge amounts of time. Resulting is a functional and faster developed site. This makes your site more affordable.


PHP is a very powerful server side scripting syntax. Joomla and WordPress are created by this syntax. MySql is the most common database for website and is normal used with PHP which is used to call the database to act. Most smart developers will not have to program more than a few lines of code in PHP. Since most application that most clients need are already built.

Visual Basic

Microsoft's development environment.It is used more for computer programming than web development. It has some strong tools for web development like .Net and .ASP.


WAMP server is Apache, PHP and MySql configured and bundled to work together. With this it like having Go Daddy on your local PC. Your website can be created on a localhost. There are many benefits. For example, the developer doesn't have to waste time using an FTP to make changes to the site.