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SEO is more commonly known as Search Engine Optimization. Why is this important? You want to be at the top of the list when people search your site and genre. There are many tools to help increase your ranking. The scope of the task for some can be so large that you could have an entire full time staff dedicated solely to it. For most, its just a matter of covering the basics

  1. Proper use of heading tags
  2. Proper use of meta tags
  3. Proper use of title
  4. Keyword research
  5. Major search engine registration
  6. SEO Friendly URL's where available

Doing these things help with your ranking even if only by small measures. The primary thing that controls your ranking is your sites number of unique hits. There are ways to increase those, as well. For example SMM Social Media Marketing and back-linking your site.

SMM Social media marketing is tending more and more. The textbook SEO techniques are not as effective for attracting unqie hits. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are many other commonly used tools such as Back Linking YouTube Videos and RSS feeds. We cover all the basics in SEO and will back link to your company's primary SMM sites on every project. Need more? We can do that too!.

Note: Go Daddy hosting at current does not allow SEO friendly URL rewriting.