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About Us

About Us

 Mayday Music was founded in 1998.  We are an independent music label,  distributor of rare and hard to find recordings.

  With the advent of digital media technologies, Mayday Music evolved into Music Supervisor company that provides music for Movies, Television, Commercials, Video Games, Websites and Videos. This music can either come from our exclusive artist and composer repertoire or we will negotiate all clearance and publishing rights for the key music that will provide and enhance the soundtrack to your project.

  New, up and coming musicans can submit their music. These musicians  can become eligible to have their music included in films, television, commercials, video games and other digital media outlets. Mayday Music is uniquely positioned in the industry based on its Legal knowledge of Publishing and Licensing, technical knowledge of New Media Platforms, Artist Royalty Systems and seasoned Music Supervisor expertise to be a complete turnkey solution for all Music and Multimedia requirements.

Founded by Len May and Brian M. Grossman, Esq.

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Len May - As a kid, Len kept a radio under his pillow and would record compilation cassettes of songs individually tailored for each of his friends. He began his career as a DJ at the age of 15 and then a Music Purchasing Supervisor for Tower Records. This provided Len with a great deal of exposure to multiple genres of music, Labels and A&R relationships as well as the ability to identify local unrepresented talent to include in Tower's inventory. This led to the formation of Mayday Music that specialized in representing local talent in the Philadelphia area and carried unique and hard to find recordings around the world. Len also leveraged his Internet and New Media expertise to consult on the development of Artists Royalty Systems to track and ensure writers, recording artists and publishers royalties are all accounted for and distributed seamlessly. After moving to Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, Len met Brian Grossman and they jointly re-launched Mayday Music to provide a true void in today's Music and Media collaboration. Leveraging, technology, legal expertise, business acumen and a true passion for music, Len has been able to approach the industry from a unique perspective and deliver proven results "There's a certain emotion and feeling that only music can evoke. It is a universal unifying force that brings people of all races, colors, nations and economic backgrounds together. My mission is to bring this passion for music to every project that I am involved in

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Brian M. Grossman, Esq. – Brian has been practicing entertainment law for 20 years. During his tenure, Brian his has served as counsel for Priority Records, business affairs and music supervisor for various independent film, television, (Abc, MTV) music and video production companies and Senior Counsel for Feature Film Soundtracks at the Walt Disney Company and in private practice has represented artists from Peter Townshend to writer Louis Biancaniello. Currently, Brian is also a professional songwriter and guitar player writing songs for films and videos and performing live at various venues in Los Angeles. Brian combines his musical talents with his legal expertise into music supervision with the creative ability to source the perfect song for the cue then utilizing his legal experience and industry relationships to clear all rights, negotiate and draft master, synch and soundtrack licenses.



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